Your goal is to make a full time living online, but you don’t have a product of your own, so you decide to try your hand at affiliate marketing.  You buy an ebook on the subject but get stuck, so you buy another one.  That one doesn’t tell you everything either, so you get another one, and another, and another.  Before you know it, there are several ebooks on affiliate marketing taking up space on your hard drive, and you’re no closer to making any money than you were in the beginning. 

You decide that what you need is a coach and/or a membership site, so you can get your questions answered.  It would also be helpful to get guidance from a real person instead of generic advice from an ebook.  But who wants to pay $3000 for a coaching program, or $100 a month for a membership site, before you even start making any money?  Is it possible to get what you need without breaking the bank?  Absolutely!

1. What you need are training videos.  And not just one or two that may soon be outdated, but ongoing training videos that are updated regularly.  Even the best explanation in an ebook can’t top actually seeing how it’s done.

2. You need good solid marketing advice from someone who’s been there.  When you have a question (and you will), you need someone available to answer it.  And I don’t know about you, but none of my friends are very helpful.  Most of them barely understand what I do.  A good mentoring forum is essential.  You could get answers to your questions from someone in the US, the UK, or Australia!  It’s always daytime somewhere, and most people on a friendly forum are more than happy to help.  A good coach will then make training videos from the questions that are asked on the forum, which keeps the training constantly updated.

3. As helpful as videos are, sometimes you need written instructions that are best provided in an ebook, and also software that can be downloaded and used with your new business.  When you’re looking for a good place to hang out and learn, be sure this is something that is offered on a regular basis.  It will go a long way in cutting through all the junk that’s on the net, and allow you to see and use the tried and true methods.

4. Free reports are a great tool to help drive traffic to your web site, but no one just starting out wants to have to write all of them on their own.  A good training site will have free reports that you can download (and many that you can rebrand) to not only help build your list, but also to use as an affiliate.  One of the best tools for making money in affiliate marketing is a good supply of ready made materials that lead your customers straight to the sites you’re promoting.

5. Even the best of marketers occasionally seek advice from other marketers in an effort to constantly improve their business.  A good training site will provide interviews from other marketers to help you keep up with all the newest developments.  This can save a tremendous amount of time not having to scour the internet to get info from individual marketers.  Hopping from site to site is a sure fire way to getting bogged down with information overload.  It’s best if you can get everything from one site to help you stay focused.

So if your goal is making money with affiliate marketing, you will see profits much faster with these essential tools:  Videos, an active forum, ebooks, downloadable software, free reports and other affiliate materials, and regular interviews with different marketers.  Find a training site with all those elements, and you will reach your goals faster than you ever imagined.

Source by Jenna Medavoy