Internet Marketers normally over complicate the process of making money online. One of the quickest and least expensive ways to make money online is with Article Marketing. The top money earners online have used and continue to use this strategy. Let us get down to basics and lay out the 8 simple steps to making money online using article marketing strategy.

Step #1. Pick a niche. Most people starting out to build an online business jump from one niche to another never getting any real experience or success. They are all over the place. It is better to focus on a niche that you either like or have expertise in. This way it will be easier to create content and you can build a following.

Step #2. Develop a giveaway report. Develop a report to giveaway that has valuable information that people will want to read. It is a trade off. You want the reader to give you his/her name and email address, and the reader is “thinking what are you willing to give me in order for me to give you my name and email?” Make sure that what you are willing to give, be it a free report or sample of your ebook, is something the reader is dying to get.

Step #3. Set up an autoresponder list. Set up an autorespoder list with one of the popular companies like Aweber or GetResponse. You will be able to design an opt-in form to include on your landing page.

Step #4. Buy a domain. Purchase a domain name that is associated with the niche you are in or the product you will be promoting. Use a company such as Hostgator that provides a cpanel, fantastico and other perks, as these will be important later.

Step #5. Set up a landing page. You can use a free html editor to design your landing page such as CoffeeCup, Komposez, etc. or more sophisticated paid software, such as Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web or Frontpage. Design a simple landing page with your autoresponder form code included that leads back to your autoresponder list.

Step #6. Set up a download page. Create a download or thank you page for your free report. Here the reader will download the free report they signed up for. Make the download page clean and easy to understand complete with download instructions. You could offer an up-sell or affiliate product right on the download page as well.

Step #7. Write 5 autoresponder messages. The first message will be welcoming the new subscriber to your list and giving him/her the free report download link. The second message will say something like “oh yeah, by the way, Jill, I found something really cool you might want to check out (include your affiliate product link).” The third message will be something like “not sure if you got the message I sent you on Thursday, but the website may not be available much longer, so go check it out before it is gone (your affiliate product link).”

In the forth message, give the subscriber a free tip like “hello Jill I found this new article or video (whatever it is) I thought you might like, I know I sure enjoyed it.” The fifth message will be “Jill sorry to bother you but I just found out the website I told you about a couple of days ago is being taken down, you might want to check it out before it goes away (your affiliate product link).”

Step #8. Drive massive traffic to your landing page. One of the best and free ways to drive massive traffic to your landing page is by using article marketing strategies. Write as many quality articles as possible and submit them as fast as possible. Make sure the bio box is pointing to your landing page. Write “How To…, 3-Tips…, 5 Reasons To…, 5 Reasons No To Do…, etc.” type articles. The more you write articles, the more money you will make.

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Source by Tony C Edwards