In modern day business efficiency is the key word. To do this effective data management is required and for that implementing SAP is essential. However despite SAP implementation quite significant amount of data is left on spreadsheets and to automate them remains a tough challenge for most organizations. In fact often business houses make the mistake of reentering data in excel spreadsheets manually to SAP and as a result there are many mistakes.

So naturally people look for processes that would allow an automated data management which reduces chance for errors. Are you a business owner who is toying with the option of manual data entry for mass data in Excel? Are you an IT professional keen to find a suitable way to serve your client effectively by using automated process and not allowing manual data entries, thus reducing scope for errors? If this is the case we have the perfect answer for you as in this article we will describe you how to do automation required for SAP data management.

First and foremost you need to avoid programming as there are various non-programming choices which will allow you create a connection between SAP and Excel, thus allowing you top eliminate the costly and time consuming process of programming. Moreover if this program is faulty it can cause serious damage to data- so the best option is to eliminate it. A better choice is to use a script or third party tools.

When you are doing data management keep in mind that you need not upload directly to SAP tables as it will cause an avoidance of validation of data checks and balances that are usually there. A good choice is to upload data using tools as process runner which helps you to manage manual data efficiently. Manufactured by Innowera this software allows automated SAP excel data migration. This ensures the process being freed of manual errors.

When automating data management from excel a great option is to choose a record, map, and run strategy in which SAP data is first recorded and then mapped in excel before being run over in the system. This is the perfect strategy which is suited for even custom transaction and at the same time it is extremely easy to execute. This allows for less time consumption and in this process you can do a mass update.

Keep in mind when selecting a method ascertain its security and you need to determine that any individual using the process does not have the right or capacity to use the method in a fraudulent manner. If any deviation needs to be performed ensure that it is authorized. This should be provided by the company. Also use this product to keep the data in the native excel form.

Finally to ensure automation in SAP data management it is a great idea to empower business users to do the upload as it will guarantee freeing up IT resources and at the same time as business owners become responsible for their data SOX compliance becomes easier.

Source by Shah Jignesh