Simple courtesies still work, even though business itself has undergone dramatic changes over the last few years. The responsibility for a positive business interchange, whether on the corporate level or a small town industry, is not the sole responsibility of the business owner.

We, as consumers, are still obligated to abide by the same rules that our parents and grandparents practiced. Those are just the very simple, basic and time-honored rules of conduct in the business world.

Do not enter into a business relationship or go into a store, restaurant or even online with an attitude that the customer is " always " right. You have to earn that " right " by exhibiting positivity, respect and willingness to cooperate.

If a mistake is made in the way you as a consumer are treated or a product is misrepresented or defective in any way – and that goes for service also – don't immediately go into a frenzy and expect the owner / manager to immediately recompense you . Be amenable and receptive to a solution. This will go a lot further than being critical and demanding.

Any business interaction, whether on a large or small scale, can only survive and profit both the owner and the consumer if both parties realize the boundaries, limits and benefits that need to be met and enjoyed by all.

It takes "two" to tango, argue and also to do business. Neither party has to accept, nor expect full responsibility. Give and take is still the number one rule in all aspects of social cooperation and it should be in the business world also. The lines of communication should be kept open at all times and in all areas. A breakdown in communication will cause a breakdown in the business relationship and should be avoided at all costs.

Large business, small business, all business profitability is gauged by performance and satisfaction. Concentration on these areas should be first and foremost in the minds of all business owners and / or managers. No one should be exempt. Nor does it have to be a complicated and lengthy process. There are no charts to define courtesy, cooperation, caring and compassion in the business world, but these are the most important ingredients to a successful business partnership.

Just because sometimes a "screen" is all that lies between the customer and the business entity, that does not absolve the duties that rest with either party. Business etiquette is a responsibility that needs to be carried out diligently.

Source by Nancy Brain