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The S03 WiFi Deluxe Kit includes all the items listed below. It’s a great fit for homes, offices and apartments. The S03 panel can connect to WiFi

and communicate with the free mobile app, available for iPhone and Android devices. Enabling the landline on the S03 system will allow

your panel to call up to 6 phone numbers you specify in the event of an alarm.

It comes equipped with a built in siren and a remote wireless siren with adjustable volume, both a proven deterrent. You can

also remotely arm, disarm, and check the status of your system using the mobile app as well as place calls inbound to the main panel to

control it remotely over the phone.

The S03 WiFi now supports Amazon Alexa so you can connect your system to any Alexa enabled device for even greater control of your security.
The S03 WiFi Deluxe Kit includes a full complement of accessories to protect any location. This landline enabled S03 system calls up to 6 phone numbers you specify in the event of an alarm.

Fortress Security S03 WiFi Security Systems Provide a smarter way to protect your property from the inside out. Effortless to install and complete customization to fit any home, apartment or business.

In the package

S03 Wifi Security Systems Features Overview


Expand Your Security System Any Time

Control Your System Remotely

Two Way Communication

Two way intercom system allows you to communicate with your loved ones while you are away.

Expand Your Security System Any Time

Fortress security systems are capable of supporting multiple wireless accessories to suit your needs precisely.

You are not locked in to a contract
Affordable options for any size home, apartment or business

Control Your System Remotely

When your system is configured and connected for remote access, you can control your security system remotely. Do you have house guests, cleaning staff, or security personnel who need to get inside without triggering the alarm? Disarm or re-arm the system at the push of a button. You won’t need to share your system’s password with anyone.

MyFortress App.

Reduced Hassle and Cost

The Alarm connects to the MyFortress App, so you’ll always know what’s happening at home. Get alerts sent right to your phone or tablet when the Alarm is triggered.

Arm, Disarm and view in real time (with an added camera) for complete home security and peace of mind—all from one dashboard.

Since your Fortress system will still work as a local alarm with no monthly fees or contracts required, your wallet will thank you for the extra savings each month.

Multiple Arming Modes

Multiple Arming Modes

When your house will be empty, you can arm the system in “Away Armed” mode for maximum protection and coverage. When you’re at home or sleeping, you can arm the system in “Home Armed” mode. This will keep the perimeter secure (doors and windows armed) while allowing you to get up, and move around inside the house (motion detectors disarmed). Getting a late night snack won’t wake up the whole house!

Not Just For Homes

Not Just For Homes

Our security systems are great for small businesses, as well! They are extremely easy to install and come programmed. With optional self-monitoring available, you can ensure you’ll be notified in the event of a triggered alarm. Have a large warehouse or bigger building that needs to be protected? We offer optional signal repeaters to increase the wireless range of the accessories. Whether you have a 10,000 sq. foot warehouse or a 400 sq. foot apartment we have a security system that will fit your needs.

Do-It-Yourself Security with 24/7 Optional Monitoring, this system is complete with wireless sensors and sirens with built in Landline auto dialer that are fully programmed to ensure a easy instaliton
Wi-Fi camera compatibility which can be viewed in real time through the application including 2-way chat, 360 degree view, and 720p High-Definition. Quickly and easily access a real time view of your house in the instance you receive a alarm notification
Mic for remote monitoring and two way communication; you have the ability to communicate with others while on the go through the main panel.
Control your system remotely with MyFortress smartphone application for both Android and IOS devices including arming and disarming appliances with optional outlet add on.Voice Control by Amazon Alexa
Ready-To-Arm feature ensures that your home is completely secure before the system will arm. The S03 WiFi main panel can notify you via push and emails when the system is alarming,armed, disarmed or armed in home mode making you aware when monitoring has been changed.