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Product Description

Home Security Camera, AI Wifi IP Pet Camera Wireless Baby Monitor, work with Alexa, 4MP HD, CCTV

Company Introduction

COOAU is a leading global provider of home security systems and consumer electronics. COOAU was created with the mission of improving people’s lives by providing smart technology products.

Technology changes our life!

COOAU dedicates in the research and development of security camera, and had made technical innovation as below:

1.Higher Pixel:4MP(2624 pixels x 1512P)

2.Smart:AI Technology

3.Better video quality:Smart H.264 coding technology

4.Securer: Advanced Security Features

4MP HD Home Security Camera, AI Wifi IP Pet Camera Wireless Baby monitor, dog camera

Why Does Your Home Need AI Technology?

Traditional motion detection alert technology, causes many customers to complain about unnecessary alerts caused by the movement of insects and other small movements. To avoid this problem, we upgraded the existing camera with smart AI technology, which prevents unnecessary alerts.

The COOAU ip camera can send alerts when it detects people or unusual sounds, and can store the alert video for playback at a later time. Furthermore, the auto-motion tracking function continuously tracks and stores all alert videos.

The COOAU wifi camera has the ability to differentiate between humans and small pets which allows you to precisely record what matters most to you.

The great upgrade can decrease the probability of false notification to almost 0.

4MP HD Home Security Camera, AI Wifi IP Pet Camera Wireless Baby Camera with Face, MOTION DETECTION

dog cat nanny elder remote watching office shop speaker network video 360°alert ptz pan tilt zoom

Integrates Easily with Alexa!

The COOAU Wi-Fi camera can be easily integrated and controlled using Alexa enabled devices.

4MP Ultra Crystal Clear HD and Eye-comfortable Images

The COOAU camera captures crystal clear 4 mega-pixel HD footage (2624 pixels x 1512 pixels) at 30fps using a high definition 1/3 inch industrial CMOS image sensor with a 5 megapixel lens and 8-fold digital zoom technology.

Although some 1080P and 1296P cameras are blurry when they are zoomed, the COOAU 4MP security camera allows you to see all the details in your home clearly even you use the 8x zoom feature.

Equipped with smart HDR display technology.

Automatically adjusts the white balance, sharpness, and brightness of the video footage.

Displays quality high definition footage under all lighting conditions.

4MP HD Home Security Camera, AI Wifi IP Pet Camera Wireless Baby Camera

COOAU Advanced Security Features

The COOAU camera contains advanced 1024 bit dynamic encryption and security features to secure your video footage. This financial level security protection protocol encrypts the video footage during capture and during transmission to your smartphone device.

This gives you absolute control over who has access to your COOAU camera footage.

Motion Detection, Motion Tracking, Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Work with Cloud Service and Alexa

Extreme Smooth Viewing Experience

Higher Pixel cameras need an advanced video encoding technology: SMART H.264 encoding technology.

Three years ago, we use traditional H.264 video encoding technology. In 2018, the H. 265 video encoding technology came out. But both of them can not satisfy the demand of 4 Mega-Pixel security camera.

In 2019, we use the SMART H.264 video encoding technology.

Compared to other security cameras, the COOAU 4MP home security camera is the quickest to respond to camera controls.The COOAU 4MP home security camera respond to Alexa commands less than 6 seconds.

Motion Detection, Motion Tracking, Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Work with Cloud Service and Alexa

【ULTRA 4MP HD AND EXTREME SMOOTH VIEW WITH NIGHT VISION】COOAU 4MP (2624*1512P at 30fps) HD home security camera, equipped with a 1/3 inch industrial CMOS image sensor, 5 megapixel lens and 8-fold digital zoom technology, plus professional central processing chip and smart H.264 coding technology, presents more detailed and saturated images for you, even with zoomed picture or low bandwidth connection. This offers much better visual impression compared to 1296P or 1080P ip camera.
【SMARTER AI-BASED ALGORITHM TECHNOLOGY】The advanced smart face, sound and motion detection technology, differentiates humans and pets from moving objects, resulting in more relevant alerts for you. This smart technology combined with the auto motion tracking technology, will prevent you from missing any important moments and details. The safety of your home/office/shop will be fully under protection, it’s a genuine and perfect “Bodyguard” for your life!
【UPDATE IN SECURITY: ANTI-HACKERS & ANTI-PEEPING】By using a 1024 bit financial level of encryption technology to strongly protect the video data transmission, there is no way for the hackers to access the COOAU home wireless camera.
【SUPPORT MULTIPLE DEVICES & MULTI-USER & ALEXA】Multiple devices are supported to connect with the COOAU home Wifi camera (iOS, Android, Windows and OSX are included). One account can be used by multiple users to view the video. In addition, it’s compatible with Alexa for smart voice control. Enjoy talking about your dog’s cute moment with your family when you are watching them via your device at the same time!
【SUPER CLEAR TWO-WAY AUDIO FOR REAL-TIME COMMUNICATION】The built-in microphone and speaker contains a special chip for 360 degree omni-directional voice pickup, noise reduction and echo cancellation to capture high-fidelity sound. The unique mic design minimizes motor sounds while providing high quality audio. This allows you to communicate with those near the camera when you are not at home.