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fitness tracker  waterproof

body fat  Fitness Tracking

fitness tracker

fitness tracker

Body Fat Tracker

Body fat rate is the standard to judge whether you are fat or thin. So we need to know the exact data of the body.

Monitor heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Use Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to measure body data and New PPG+ECG monitoring technology,Simply click on the bracelet and turn on the “Blood Pressure” or “Oxygen” function to display the data on your phone in real time.

All-day Activity Monitoring

The fitness tracker monitors your real-time heart rate, automatically and accurately record all-day activities like steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes.Tracking sports including walking, running, riding, swimming, skipping, Ping-pong, badminton, tennis. Help you to better understand specific activity data.


Sleep Tracking

More reminders

Keep Abreast of Children’s Sports

Children Can Bring more Accurate and Real-time Analysi:Body fat, water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone mass, protein, skeletal muscle and other data, know his daily growth changes.

Sleep Tracking

A good night’s sleep helps you wake up physically refreshed and mentally sharp. The tracker records your sleep automatically, measuring wake, light and deep sleep, and wakes you up with silent vibrating alarms.

More Reminders

Connect the activity fitness tracker to your smartphone via “GloryFit” app and open the relative APP remind function, then you will receive call and message notifications to your bracelet. Compatible with APP including Instagram.

fitness tracker

Dido Body Fat Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker

Clearly understand your body fat at any time.F10 smart body fat bracelet will sync data to your APP “GloryFit” including Muscle Mass, Water,Body Age, Protein, Body Type, BMI, Fat Percentage,Bone Salt Conten,Basal Metabolic Rate.

Some useful tips for you:

1. APP: please go to APP store and download “GloryFit” APP.

2. Device Connnection: open “GloryFit” APP > click “Device” > click “setting” icon in top right > click” My device”(iOS) or “Search device”(Android) > click “Search” icon in the top right > click “Connect Device”

3.Set up personal information: open “GloryFit” APP > click “Profile” > click “Me” in top left, fill in Genger, Age, Height, Weight information.

4. Set the lightness of the bracelet screen: when you receive the bracelet for the first time,the lightness of the bracelet screen defaults to the lowest value which make it not visible enough outside. You can: turn on you bracelet > long press “Function” > find “Lightness” > long press until the “Lightness” icon flashes > press several times till the “Lightness” to be brightest > long press to confirm.


How to test body fat correctly?

1.Set up your personal information in the “GloryFit” APP first.

2.Maintain a comfortalbe sitting posture and a smooth state of mind, avoid talking.

3. Wear the bracelet on the left hand.

4. Put your index finger and middle finger of right hand on two electrodes seperately.

5. Make sure the two electrodes at the bottom of the bracelet in full touch with skin of your wrist.

6. Note: the left hand can not touch the right hand during the measurement.

SP02 and BP interface:

The APP enters the blood pressure and blood pressure interface, and automatically enters the blood pressure and blood pressure monitoring mode, and the blood oxygen and blood pressure numbers are displayed in about 45 seconds.

Heart rate monitoring method:

The APP enters the heart rate monitoring interface, automatically enters the blood pressure and oxygen monitoring mode, and supports dynamic real-time heart rate monitoring.

★【Body Fat Monitor】Use Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to measure body data,which can be analyzed more accurately and in real time: body fat, moisture, muscle mass, BMI,BMR, bone mass, protein, skeletal muscle and so on. This is a more advanced and accurate body fat monitoring technology that helps you develop the right fitness program, provide data and scientific fitness guidance.
★[Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitoring] Using PPG + ECG’s latest monitoring technology, PPG photoelectrically continuously tracks real-time heart rate and blood pressure, and the monitoring data is more accurate.
★【All-day Activity Tracking】Health tracker watch-Record all-day activities t like steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep quality, you can get the completely report in the APP.
★【Compatibility and Ip67 Waterproof】The Dido fitness watch supports iOS 9.0 and higher, and Android 4.4 and higher smartphones.Fitness tracker smart watch fights against water, swimming, sweat, rain, splashing and dust.Last for 6-8 days after 1-2 hours fully charging.
★【Long-lasting Battery & Warranty】- Charge is simple with no cable needed,just remove the bands and charge the built-in usb plug with any USB port.In the process of using,any problems can be contacted with us directly.We will try our best to solve it for you,life time technical support.