Of course, advertising and marketing isn’t exactly cheap, especially the traditional methods such as placing ads in the newspaper or on radio or television. But email marketing for dollar stores accomplishes the task of promoting the stores while saving money in the process.

Indeed, as the second decade of the 21st century gets underway, there are few more natural pairings than dollar stores and email marketing. The email marketing software needed to embark upon such campaigns fits into any budget-just like the dollar stores it will advertise-and requires no additional staff to implement and oversee. This software also allows for easy customization while providing the type of thorough, all-in-one messaging that other methods of advertising cannot match.

Email marketing for dollar stores can replace the weekly newspaper circular as the way by which customers are informed about sales and other store news. First of all, these messages are delivered straight to a recipient’s inbox-no need to go out and buy the newspaper or worry that the circular slipped out of the paper in transit. Secondly, the software makes it easy for the dollar stores to not only post their circular in the body of a message but for people to share it with friends and family by forwarding the message along. You just can’t do that with the newspaper!

Another advantage of email marketing for dollar stores is the ability to embed video within the body of the message. It’s one thing to read the circular, whether online or in print, but quite another to see the products “in action” or to see people shopping at the store. These messages can be enhanced further with spoken testimonials from shoppers who are satisfied with the quality of the products they purchased and the bargains they found at the dollar store.

In addition, marketing that features embedded video yields a great deal of success. Marketing studies show that the conversion rate for companies whose emails include video is up to 50 percent higher than emails without video.

Email marketing for dollar stores also allows these stores to deliver the type of immediate information a newspaper ad (which has to be placed weeks in advance) cannot provide. For instance, with the ability to quickly distribute an email, a store can let customers know of new additions to the shelves. Imagine having the ability to inform shoppers when a shipment of shovels has arrived during a stormy winter or a bunch of fans have arrived during a summer heat wave!

From listing the store’s essential information (such as hours of operation, address and directions) to featuring up-to-the-second news, email marketing for dollar stores is a boon for the stores and their shoppers alike. Check out the software today!

Source by Dan Forootan