Price: $34.80
(as of Aug 17,2022 04:58:16 UTC – Details)

Dome Automation Plug-In Switch Dome now officially Works with Wink! Love vintage lighting and electronics but wish they could integrate with your smart home system? They can with the Dome Home Automation Plug-In Switch. Our smart idea for bringing old lamps and appliances into the modern ages includes solutions for teaching these dinosaurs to be green and get along with the systems of today. Use the Dome Home Automation Plug-In Switch with Energy Monitor and Z-Wave Extender to turn any device on or off using your smartphone. Let it tell you if you should be shutting things down to save energy or avoiding overload on your power system. Turn to the Dome Home Automation Plug-In Switch to protect you from overworked, too-old, and “garage sale finds,” or “family treasures” that probably should be retired. For those heirlooms that can’t keep up with the times, your plug-in switch can make it smart by current standards and put it to good use extending your Z-Wave range across your smart home devices. Looks great and is completely customizable. Use with most any Z-Wave Hub including: Wink, Home Seer, SmartThings, Vera, and Harmony.

MAKES A DUMB DEVICE SMART – Smart home plug-in switch turns lamps and appliances on and off, from your Z-Wave Hub or smartphone. Integrates with Wink, SmartThings, HomeSeer, Nexia, and other hubs
EXTENDS YOUR Z-WAVE RANGE – One of the best smart home devices to boost Z-Wave range for all connected components, throughout your home
DEVICE OVERLOAD PROTECTION – Proactively shuts down electronic devices to avoid overload, or let the plug kill specific components in the case of overload
ENERGY MONITORING SMART PLUG – Monitor your energy usage for lighting and small appliances up to 13 amps (1,560 watts)
LOW PROFILE – Sleek, ergonomic design occupies just one side of an electrical duplex so you have full access to the other outlet