May 4, 2020

Exercise Your Knowledge of Fire Alarm Calculations

All Answers relate to NFPA 101, 2018 Edition

1. The table indicates this is a remote station system. What would be the required standby and alarm time?


5. For a household fire and carbon monoxide alarm system, the secondary standby power shall be capable of operating the system for at least  _______________.

NFPA 72, 2019, 29.9.3


7. The required standby battery that must be installed is ___________ amp hours.


8. A rechargeable battery used as the secondary power source shall be recharged within _____________ hours.

NFPA 72, 2019, 29.9.3(4)(b)



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Can you Identify This?

Using the information provide in the table below, calculate the required alarm and standby current for A through P to answer the questions that follow.5 min Quiz question

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Answer to: Identify This

5 min Quiz question


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