Let me get this straight right from the start – there are no free methods of traffic because one way or another you have to pay for all your traffic in time or money however there are some methods of traffic generation that will get you massive amounts of traffic for very little time and very little money.

The internet is a unique environment for building a business and the reason for that is the ability to create a viral marketing campaign effortlessly.

There are several ways to harness the power of viral marketing such as rebrandable ebooks and software and also by creating videos that can be hosted on the video sites such as YouTube.com.

Once people get hold of these ebook and rebrand them with their own links they can get distributed to thousands of other people overnight and that can be a lightning fast way to build momentum in your business.

If you have a video that people like and start sharing that can also be an extremely fast way to brand your business and get a flood of traffic to your websites that you couldn’t even stop if you wanted to.

This is all free traffic AFTER the initial expense in time and/or money to get the viral campaign underway on the first place.

The good think about viral marketing is the fact that the initial expenditure becomes insignificant after a very short time as the product you have created continues to be shared with others.

You can use viral marketing to quickly dominate your niche and to been seen as an expert who other people will trust when you give advice and recommendations and that is a very powerful money making position to be in.

Source by Geoff Shaw