So now that you have your own home business you’re attempting to figure out how to market on a shoestring budget. If you are looking into online marketing you’re in luck! There are actually umpteen ways to market for free online; however, the word “free” is a little deceptive. Any that claim that you can make money with no investment and no work is should be held in suspicion. Marketing is either going to cost you cash, or time and effort. If you want to market effectively using free online ads you will want to review the follow “must know” tips so you will not be wasting your valuable time!

Let’s start by reviewing the sites that are most commonly used for free ad posting. You will want to bookmark them. Review how each works and choose the ones that fit your needs best. I would highly recommend you start with three of the most popular ones first;, (EBay), and After posting at these three, consider any of the rest from the following list:

Poplar Free Posting Sites









9) Usfreeadscom



Three Major Considerations

1) Posting ads effectively takes time. It is a simple numbers game. If you post hundreds of ads; you will get effective results. Set a goal and pace yourself. For example 20 a day; five days a week. Over the course of six months you will have posted 2,400 ads!

2) Most sites have a free service and also provide a paid premium membership service. Depending on your time, as you progress in your marketing campaign you may want to seriously considering upgrading on some of the more popular sites. It is usually worth it.

3) You may want to consider the purchase of a proven software program to automatically post multiple free ads quickly. has a number of different programs that you may want to review and consider getting at some point.

Aside from the above main considerations, I will also share a few tips that I have picked up along the way.

1) Take some time to read through ads in your niche that are posted on sites and in newspapers. You will soon be able to distinguish what ones fit your style the best. Don’t plagiarize them; however, they can be a great source for spurring ideas.

2) Feel free to get creative in your ads. You want to catch as much attention as possible without becoming misleading. You’re goal should be to build curiosity with your ads.

3) Make sure that your ads are written to appeal to the prospects that you are targeting.

4) Stay organized and set a schedule of what ads you have posted on which sites. You want to avoid wasting time.

5) Make sure you are focusing on the benefits to your prospects. Many folks tend to focus on the features; however, benefits are what will entice a prospect.

6) Depending on your product, service, or opportunity consider posting different ads in various geographic areas. There is a big world out there to market in!

The above guidelines and tips will surely get you off to a good start; however, it is a sobering fact that about 97% of people who attempt to market online fail. If you want to be part of the 3% who actually make a living online, you must be committed to “mastering” the various techniques used to market on the internet. Just going through the basics is simple not enough. There is too much competition from people who know what they are doing to make money online without some level of expertise. That being said, everyone needs to start somewhere and with the implementation of the techniques in this article you will be on your way!

Source by Michael I Fish