Recruitment is one of the first steps in doing business. You cannot work without people who make hiring an essential element to be looked upon. Recruitment technology is the latest trend going on in the HR industry. If you invest in it today, it promises valuable results for tomorrow. Adopting this technology is always beneficial as it reduces hiring cost, saves time and ensures intelligent hiring.

Resume parsing tool is an excellent innovation of hiring technology. Managing a large number of resumes is always a time-consuming and cumbersome task. Therefore, automation has become the need of the hour these days. Many companies have started using resume parsing software to automate their recruitment process.

What is a Resume Parser and what it does?

An excellent CV automation tool, resume parser has made the lives of recruiters easier by extracting information from candidate’s resume into data fields. It parses resume of any format (pdf, doc, HTML, DOCX, tiff, txt) and provides output in JSON format.

If you choose an excellent parser, it will get easily integrated into your system. An essential feature of this tool is that you can parse resumes in bulk from your input sources such as desktop folders, database, etc. It eliminates the need of checking a resume one by one, saving a lot of time and efforts.

Email inbox parsing is also provided. Resumes are automatically fetched from emails and information is filtered into required fields.

A parser also provides multi-lingual and regional support. Regions and languages mentioned in a resume are automatically identified, and these details are stored in required fields.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that it can be customized. You can choose the fields for which you need candidate’s details. All the above features accelerate the entire hiring process with much-added benefits every business desires for.

Job Boards and Recruitment

Employers use many sources to hire candidates. However, it is seen that job boards are amongst the favorite when recruiters need to fill up job positions, and candidates search for a job. One can define this source as a common place where both recruiters and candidates meet each other.

Job boards are visited by 42.9% candidates while looking for a job whereas 32.1% visit career sites and referral programs are used by 6.9%. (Source: Capterra)

Apart from helping employers in closing their jobs, they also need to give candidates a satisfying user experience. This can be done with the help of parsing technology.

How Resume Parser helps Job Boards?

Job boards cater to two users simultaneously:



If there are lengthy pages to fill in, candidates need to spend a lot of time while applying for a job. This will make them leave the website and switch over to some other source. A good resume parser makes resume submission a quick process. If a candidate used to spend 15 minutes on filling an application process, his time would now be reduced to just 15 seconds. He only needs to upload his resume and the fields will be automatically populated. This will result in minimal exit rate of candidates from the website. An advantage of this feature is that you will get more traffic which strengthens your database.

A good talent pool means there are enough candidates to choose from. More options will make employers recruit candidates quickly and close jobs in no time. This means that a simple click can generate quality candidates. Also, as resumes are parsed in real-time, the employers get a competitive edge by being the first one to connect to candidates.

Using a CV parsing technology will not only automate candidate selection process but also eliminate manual intervention of the staff. As the whole process gets streamlined, it will inevitably increase the productivity of the team and make business operations more efficient. Also, a lot of time manually wasted on sorting and filtering information from resumes will be saved. This helps in investing it in some other strategic activities which can bring more productivity.

Parsing is just an initial step in recruitment technology aimed at simplifying the hiring process. Innovations and concepts are being introduced every day and now parsing is followed by semantic match and resume enrichment. Soon, it will become necessary for all businesses to adopt this excellent technology.

Source by Lovepreet Singh