Research shows that over 65% of marketing experts throughout the world ranked email as best online marketing technique. When you build an email list you have a database of interested customers and prospects with whom you can directly communicate with about your products, services and offers. Here are the 5 steps for building an email list for marketing.

1. Create Something Your Target Market Needs

What information does your target market need? What problems are they trying to solve or what will make their life easier or more enjoyable? When you have decided on the best answer, put the details into something that you can give away to your audience for free. This could be a report, an eBook or a video series.

2. Set Up A Squeeze Page

To build an email list for marketing you need to have a webpage that can capture email addresses. This is called a squeeze page. This is the page that will offer your prospects your free information in exchange for their email address. It will contain a box where people can enter and submit their email address to get access to your freebie. The squeeze page should have a nice graphic presentation. It needs to clearly describe the benefits of your freebie and how it can help your audience.

3. Set Up Email Marketing Software

It will become impossible for you to try and manually email your freebie to everyone who asks for it. Therefore you need to set up email marketing software to do this for you. This software is usually called an autoresponder. As well as collecting, managing, and segmenting your email database, it will enable you to automatically deliver a sequence of messages to your audience, develop newsletters and track your email marketing performance.

4. Drive Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

Your next step is to drive traffic to your squeeze page to get people to enter their email address onto squeeze page. There are two ways to do this. You can use paid traffic methods (eg, pay per click marketing, solo ads, banner advertising and social media advertising) or you can use free traffic methods (eg, social media posts, blogging, video marketing and search engine optimization). The option is to use a combination of both paid and free traffic.

5. Continue To Provide Value

As you build an email list for marketing you can’t just continually send sales messages. You have to provide value to your subscribers. Ensure that there’s a good balance between the times you email to push products and services and the times you’re just sharing good information.

Source by Jon Allo