Fire sales are a great way to quickly make money for your online business. Some of the most respected Internet Marketers have reported six figure earnings from fire sales that lasted just one week or less.

Fire sales are also extremely easy to create since they are usually a collaborative effort between several marketers. Using joint venture efforts to create your fire sales is a good way to alleviate a lot of the work that it may otherwise require to assemble your own collection of products to offer at the fire sale.

It’s become customary to expect a one time offer as a part of the sales process for most internet marketing transactions these days so a good percentage of your income may come from those extra sales. However, there are several ways to increase your profits even beyond the one time offer.

What most marketers don’t consider before running a fire sale is that the money doesn’t have to stop pouring in at the end of the week. Simply by thinking ahead you can set up a simple follow up system that continues to bring in even more money after your fire sale ends.

In this article, I’ll share five profitable ways that you can very easily boost the back end sales on your next fire sale. Of course, in order to follow up with your customers you’ll need to set up an autoresponder system on your download or thank you page to collect your customers email addresses. These tips all assume that you have done so already.

1. Offer an upgrade package a few days after the fire sale – One of the hardest parts of creating a great package of items to offer at your fire sale might be deciding which products to include and what to leave out. A good way to earn extra income a few days after the initial sale is to assemble an upgrade package of the items that were not included originally and sale it at an irresistible price. Many customers will very likely take you up on the offer.

2. Review similar affiliate products – Many fire sales have a particular theme such as software or private label rights products. This tells you exactly what these customers are interested in and willing to spend money on. Don’t miss this opportunity to offer similar products on an ongoing basis.

3. Host a customer only teleseminar/webinar – A teleseminar or webinar is a great follow up tactic but it needs to be more than a sales pitch. For instance, if you do a software fire sale a teleseminar or webinar would be a great bonus and a way to give customers information about using the software. At the same time you could offer an upgrade to a more expensive version of the software or suggest similar products.

4. Create a membership area and add suggested products – It would be easy to set up your download area as a membership area and offer additional products in the weeks or months following your fire sale.

5. Promote additional fire sales for your JV partners – Once you build a list of hundreds of customers who have purchased your fire sale package you can continue to earn future commissions by simply telling your customers about new fire sales, especially those of the joint venture partners that helped you.

These tips should help you to see how you can soon reap a sizeable payday after a few days of conducting a fire sale without investing a lot of time or effort. Even if you’ve never done a fire sale before, with good planning you can make your fire sale a huge success.

Source by Joanne Mason