With everything you do, with an online business you should be thinking about how to grow your email list. Regardless of whether you are an affiliate marketer, information product creator, freelancer, business consultant, or business owner building an email list is one of your most important business requirements.

That’s because it’s your own targeted list of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. When you have their email address you can contact them when ever you want, for free.

So how do you start to build an email for marketing?

Email List Building Software

To get started you’ll need account with an email list builder company like AWeber. This will help you to store and manage the email addresses that you gather. This software can automate a lot of processes for you and enable to create email opt-in forms. And, as your email list grows, it would be impossible to do these tasks manually.

Offer Something Of Value For Free

Remember that people won’t sign up to receive emails from you for just for the heck of it. You’ll need to do something to encourage them to enter their email address into your email opt-in form. In many cases, this means giving something away for free on your website or blog, such as a report, eBook or video that they would otherwise pay for.

Driving Prospects To Your Email Opt-in Form

You should work to drive potential customers to your email opt-in form with free methods and paid methods.

If your budget is tight, and you want to constrain on free methods of driving traffic, consider releasing helpful, related videos on YouTube, writing information packed articles and distributing them on the web, and creating a blog that has a high chance of ranking as you write and release more content. Each time you publish, include a link to your email opt-in form so that people can get more information from you.

You can also record podcast episodes so that people can find you via iTunes or in a similar way. Get known in related niche communities and social media. Be present everywhere the people in your niche are present.

Paying For Traffic

You can also use paid methods to drive drive traffic to your email opt-in form. This includes pay per click advertising. You can easily test the conversions of your email opt-in from when you drive paid ads to them. That can help you work out where you want to put your efforts when you work on free, methods also.

Source by Jon Allo