Nothing beats working in a special niche with loyal customers. A major benefit of such a group is turning your base into a viral explosion of activity. These guys will recruit an army of followers for free without even knowing it.

Selling your program, software or products through a relationship model is extremely effective and will yield a higher per sale return. The incidence of repeat sales is much higher and certainly less frustrating than cold call selling.

Sometimes email marketing is used as the backbone of your sales program but more often than in the past we face spam filters which has made the free flow of marketing emails more difficult to reach your customer.

It makes sense to devote time and money to build loyalty among your customers and future buyers, including your subscribers still on the fence. One day a high percentage of your subscribers will become buyers as you make them feel important and highly appreciated once they know, like and trust you.

You may want to build a private membership area where customers discover the benefit of reaching a new level of connection with your group. Paying a small fee adds to the feeling of special and private, and then you can add in a few extra bonuses that no one else receives outside the private membership.

Everyone likes to feel important, get special privileges, and unique rewards for being elevated to “special” or private member only available to a select group. IF you have an online store or discount cards, promotions, special recognition is encouraged in various ways to enhance the greater sales volume from your loyal customers.

Smart marketers “pick the brains” of their customers for obvious reasons. Your customer knows what they want and expect from your service. Match your product to customer wants and watch your sales explode with loyalty from faithful buyers.

Your website should have a look of elegance and a luxurious feel, an exclusive place just for your private membership holders. Notice how big banks have set up private or wealth management membership areas for their more affluent customers.

Keep your eyes on the goal of building loyalty with your customers. Airlines have done this for many years with great success. You may not have a big budget to throw lots of dollars into this area but whatever you can do will go a long way toward your goal of building customer loyalty and a feeling of belonging to your private membership group.

Back in our offline business days it was standard procedure for us to ask our employees “how to” run the business with greater efficiency, “how to” reduce waste, what would make their job better, easier, more efficient, “how to” save money and every week we got great responses from those on the firing line.

Bosses and marketers DO NOT have all the answers. An ancient Biblical message is… “ask and ye shall receive”. We consider that good advice for today in the marketplace, too.

Source by Don Monteith