Recently I read that Google Inc is employing thousands of people to call local businesses. This means they want to boost their revenue by targeting local businesses to sell advertising. You can promote your business using Google AdWords (pay-per-click advertising), Google Maps and Google Places. The last 2 are free services. If you want to stay ahead of your competition you need use multiple marketing tools to generate traffic. One of the most popular social marketing tools is Twitter.

What is Twitter?

It’s free software that allows you to send messages of 140 characters (Tweets) to any one with a Twitter account. Twitters users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, or use various applications such as Smart Phones, iPads, etc.

7 ways to market your local business with Twitter

1. Place a Twitter graphic on your blog

To build a list of Twitter followers invite website visitors to Tweet your blog posts by including a Twitter icon at the end of your content. You may also want to include a Twitter icon in all outgoing emails.

2. Tweet your articles

EzineArticles has an application that will automatically Tweet your article after it has been published. Once this has been set up you can forget about it.

3. Tweet your videos

Not all people consume content in the same way. Some prefer to watch and listen rather than read. YouTube enables you to automatically Tweet your videos.

4. Search for people in your niche

Twitter makes it easy to find people to interact with in your niche. Simply type your main keyword into the Twitter search box then push the Tweet button. You should receive a list of potential partners to communicate with.

5. Follow people who follow you

If a person has expressed interest in following you follow them back. This rapidly increases the number of followers and if you constantly provide valuable tips they’ll help drive traffic to your website and purchase products you recommend.

6. Tweet frequently and consistently

Make a plan how often you’ll send out new Tweets to your followers. For instance send a new Tweet each morning and evening. It can be as simple as including the headline and link of a recent article you wrote or a sentence on the latest news in your niche.

7. Response to direct messages

You won’t build a community of followers if you don’t interact with them. Make sure you respond to people who send direct messages.

Constantly invite your followers to join your email autoresponder list so you have control over your marketing messages and can follow-up on them.

Source by Herman Drost