The major problems online marketers face include how to build downline team, train and retain them in the various affiliate marketing programs. I am sure you can easily recall the widely held belief that there is 95% failure rate in internet network marketing. So if you can provide solution to these problems,you undoubtedly unlock a world of money making opportunity for yourself. Downline Club & Training service presents itself as a good business niche. The demand is huge. However, to make any meaningful progress ensure you have good knowledge of:

  • Internet marketing,
  • using online tools to build website,
  • site administration, and
  • Internet environment to locate other resources that may become necessary.

Here are some tips for starting the business:


You have chosen a downline club & training as the niche.What are the service offerings for users? consider these: network building for multiple income programs, network/referral building for multiple traffic programs, comprehensive training in traffic generation, in-built email marketing system, your own affiliate program, create other benefits that will allow you retain users. For income you have two sources-your personal residual earning from marketing and profit from the ‘downline club’. The fee you charge for your service is a critical factor. Let it be affordable.


Having decided on your business model look for a software that can drive it.The life of the downline club will depend on the quality of software you use. Conduct a search for good scripts. Visit the sites to check out features of the software, and references on websites that are currently using it, the cost, etc.Compare all these to successful ‘downline clubs’ in operation.


Choice of web host is critical to success or failure of the business. It is a good idea to ask the software developer for suggestion. Some software publishers usually indicate the type of server and such technical features suitable for the software.You may not know the overall technical competence of the web host, but prompt response to your enquiry may give you an indication of what to expect.Check hosting fee structure.Start low and upgrade as need arises. A shared server hosting service that costs $5 a month with good uptime and support service is recommended.


After locating the software for use, you will need to come up with a name for the downline club. Write down the names that come to mind, but let them revolve around keywords that appeal to prospects. For example, DownlinePower, DownlineMagic.


Do a quick search for the availability of the names for your club, since you will need to register a domain in this name. Once you have landed on available name, register the domain; a dot com is recommended.


Your personal laptop or desktop will form the major asset, but since you have been marketing I suppose you already have one; just get back up devices with adequate capacity.


This is the time to apply your marketing experience to advertise. Start up free traffic generation methods that are productive include forum posting, traffic exchange, toolbar advertising, newsletter, articles and reports writing. This is not exhaustive, there are so many methods of free traffic generation. For paid traffic methods you have pay-per-click, ezines, etc.


Some software are supplied with at least two pre-installed payment receiving interface, say PayPal and Alertpay. You just enter your account details, and it is ready. Add other options as necessary.


Your level of knowledge in business management, and available capital will determine the legal status of your business-Sole Proprietorship or Limited Liability Company. Consult a good lawyer to explain the benefits of each.


It is a business you can manage alone, but it is safe to engage others either as shareholders or employees as soon as you can afford it. Remember you are starting something that you want to outlive you.


I am just going to be suggestive here. For a person with small capital I will look at the unavoidable areas: software acquisition $300-$400, web hosting $60 for I year, payable monthly or yearly, domain name registration $10 for I year. So a capital level above $500 seems reasonable. This assumes you plan to handle marketing yourself using free resources, and meet other costs from ancillary sources.

Well, this is how brief I can be. Giving you a step-by-step guide will make this article boring. Welcome to the world of online business entrepreneurs.

Source by Victor E. Eduoku