An online affiliate program provides smart business owners with an additional stream of income for selling the same product they sell directly. They get other people to promote and market their product and they only pay those people if a sale is made.

The return on investment might be lower than if you sell the product directly yourself, but the advantages can be enormous.

Digital Products

The best affiliate products to sell are digital products. These include eBooks, videos, mp3 courses, membership websites. They are great for you as a product creator as you only have to produce it once and it can sold time and time again. They are great for your affiliates because you can very easily give them a copy to review for their customers. And they are great for customers because they can instantly download them once they've purchased it, so there's no hanging around for delivery.

A Product That People Will Want To Buy

Needless to say, if you want to attract affiliates to sell for you, you'll need an excellent product.

The simplest way to create a digital product is to write an eBook. If you have a lot of knowledge on a particular subject, you can write an eBook that can really help people in that niche or market.

An online course can generate even more money per sale. Your course can be delivered through a membership site, or through an instant digital download of video and / or audio file.

A Reasonable Commission

Affiliates are like sales people who get paid only when they make a sale. So they'll need make a reasonable commission to make it worth their time. If you don't offer at least 50% commission you're not likely to appeal to high-level affiliate marketers.

The Right Software

When you start an affiliate program you need to pick the right software to help you and your affiliates.

  • is a very popular network used my many people to find affiliate programs. It facilitates both affiliates and product creators to operate their programs in a professional manner.
  • is free software that you can use in the cloud to promote your products and run an affiliate program. Furthermore you'll be part of their marketplace which will enable super-affiliates to find you.
  • is a plugin that works with WordPress and you can set up a membership website with this software. It's a one-time purchase with yearly upgrades and excellent customer care.

Source by Jon Allo