None can deny the ever-growing impact of mobile technology on the lives of people. The use of mobile applications has grown exponentially in the business ecosystem too. Most businesses irrespective of their sizes are exploring out new ways to streamline their everyday operations and simplify the routine tasks.

Technology is constantly evolving in the landscape of business, introducing new devices, software and mobile applications, operating systems to help in tasks automation. As ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) software became integral for businesses, developers started experimenting to introduce mobile ERP technology to offer the maximum ease and flexibility to the employees and management which eventually empowers them to execute tasks remotely with the greatest efficiency. So, how do mobile applications gained precedence in the business landscapes is worth finding out.

While the rise in the demand for mobile solutions in businesses premises provided employees within the organisation with access to the data of the company on the go, they could literally:

  • Manage quotes and orders from anywhere/ on the run without even being present in the organisation
  • Receive any reports of Business Intelligence on their mobile devices
  • Track the status of inventory anytime from any place
  • Fully access customer history, contracts and deal details, and other databases on the go

Following points elaborate further how mobile-based ERP solutions can prove as a overwhelming support for business operations.

Employees get the power to execute tasks at their fingertips

There is no doubt regarding the possession of smartphones in today’s mobile-centric world. Almost all employees own one and so implementing a mobile application of ERP is lot easier. In fact, with no indications of the decelerating influence of mobiles or portable devices, it can be well predicted that mobile usage, personally as well as for businesses will increase manifold in the future years. When implemented, every employee will handle their part of the job, access data and even find solutions for their tasks, all at their fingertips.

Mobile solutions are unbelievably cost-friendly

Mobile solutions of ERP being found highly cost-effective, businesses are gearing up for a major transition from desktop-based entrepreneurial applications to mobile ERPs. Mobile-based solutions will allow the employees to manage tasks, databases, supply chain activities, customer services, and everything else just like a legacy ERP system. The only difference is in their accessibility.

Mobile applications of ERP give the access to real-time data

With the use of mobile-based ERP solution, now anyone can collect, retrieve and use real-time data from any location and that too, 24×7. This is an impossible scenario in case of generic ERP systems. Employees can not only access data but can also update them. Real-time access to the all relevant business data ensures efficient decision-making and helps businesses to stay on the top.

Benefits of Business Intelligence can be deployed with a tap of finger

With a mobile ERP solution, the marketing or sales executive of a company can attain competitive advantages. It updates them about the ongoing market trends, predictive scenarios and customer preferences. This helps businesses to have an improved visibility of the supply chain and prepare their stocks accordingly.

Concluding thoughts

While ERP software systems became predominantly important for businesses to earn scalability and efficiency, a mobile ERP can serve the same purposes but with more convenience i.e. with on-the-go accessibility. Owing to its cost-effective development and easy deployment, most businesses are going to adopt mobile ERP solution to provide more flexibility and ease to their employees and let them perform their role remotely with optimum efficiency.

Source by Rob Stephen