Among the many popular online marketing gurus, Marc Goldman is an expert in using the concept of Joint Ventures (JV) to promote and marketing products and services. The concept of Joint Ventures was started out by Marc Goldman and his wife in 1994 through direct application in their marketing business called the Goldbar Enterprises. Apparently in 1996, Marc and his wife went online and soon the business had grown into an information and software business known worldwide. The business had established as well some offices across many countries.

The website of Goldbar Enterprises founded by Marc Goldman and his wife is a website recommended for those studying online marketing or businesses. The main product of the Goldbar Enterprises is the UMR or the so called Ultimate Marketers Resources. It is a collection of every possible software and tool that are useful for online marketing. It includes the Site Tracker, Ad Tracker, Rotator, Listserver, and Autoresponder. Currently, the website is considered to be one of the top visited sites in the world that even novice or expert users find it very user-friendly to use.

Through the engineered concept of Joint Ventures, the business of Marc Goldman had experienced a big leap among other online marketing business. The techniques that March Goldman learned from the Joint Ventures have made him marketed golf tournaments, non-profit businesses and even marketing software and courses. E-books are also available through Joint Ventures.

Throughout the years, through the help of his wife, Marc Goldman was able to teach their successful techniques to their fellow online marketers and business owners all over the world. They conceptualized their teachings through teleseminars and online courses. Their product of Joint Venture Secrets Revealed had helped thousands of people when it comes to expanding businesses. The couple was also able to run a website that is intended for members only of the Ultimate Marketers Resource. In this site, online marketers and business owners as subscribers are able to select from the available online tools that are effective, affordable and simple for the building and growth of their businesses.

Marc Goldman and his wife have also authored the JV Secrets Revealed, a vastly acclaimed guide that is used for locating JV partners, using contracts and agreements as protection for deals, brokering JV deals and writing effective JV proposals. This guide also uses case studies from beginners and experts alike to provide readers with insights about big and small deals.

Having the extensive experience as a trainer, entrepreneur, writer and researcher of the Joint Venture concept, Marc Gold was regarded as the pre-eminent expert in using joint ventures to spearhead and jumpstart any business.

Source by Joshua Valentine