Massive Passive Profits is a newer online automated marketing software designed by successful Internet marketers Bill McRae and Mike Williams. The software is touted to help the member create a massively substantial income online and fast. Here is a simple review of the program and opportunity.

Massive Passive Profits is the latest in a long line of new so-called automated marketing software programs to help generate a substantial income online for the individual looking to make easy money on the Internet. The cost of the software is a simple onetime payment of $47 dollars and comes complete with a 60 day money back guarantee.

The program and opportunity itself is based in the affiliate marketing industry that truly is by far one of the most lucrative online money making platforms to date. However, the success rate is extremely low and the few of us who have found success on the Internet understand the work and effort that is involved. This particular opportunity claims there is no need for branding, search engine optimization and or marketing at all, only install the program and watch the profits begin to stream through your MPP system.

The automated software is based upon hosted blogs in which the 68 different programs begin to automate the site for the search engines itself in targeted specific niches, Of course getting ranked in the search engines will mean the make or break of your affiliate marketing business, most automated systems are not completely “automated” and there is still work to be done.

Massive Passive Profits, although a legitimate automated marketing software, will still require solid effort and some understanding of search engine marketing. For many the sales copy on a website for the latest greatest program can be very convincing, but this should not stop each individual from completing their due diligence. Success with affiliate marketing can be a struggle, but with solid training, good mentoring and coaching as well as the willingness to do the work some should find success with the MPP program and opportunity.

Source by David James Boozer