The International Direct Selling Technology Corporation IDSTC Domain name was registered back in May of 2004. It also goes by the name Multi Level Marketing Technology Corporation. This company is not an MLM Organization like the name would suggest. What they do is provide Network Marketing Software solutions that are scalable and customized to small and medium sized Network Marketing Companies.

The Victory ES 100 is the Flagship Product of the MLM Technology Corporation. The company offers a free demo of their software once you get to their website. They claim they can get this system up and running for you once you order it almost immediately. This software is web based so you won’t have to go out and outsource your own IT Staff or invest in lots of expensive hardware to get up and running.

All you need to manage Victory ES 100 from the MLM Technology Corporation is a computer connection. Their software will work for a variety of Compensation Plans including Party Plans. Every part of this software is integrated including the back office, website and the software. You will also have the ability to offer Replicated Websites for your Distributors. Some of the bells and whistles include customer tracking, customized shopping cart, distributor customization. The company doesn’t charge per website either.

If you need it, the MLM Technology Corporation will even provide custom website design for their Victory ES 100 software to make the site look and act exactly as you need it to. An Extranet back office is also available to distributors. The security of this system is also very good. It uses 128 bit Secure Socket Layer Encryption from Verisign.

The MLM Technology Corporation has also taken measures and have done extensive testing to ensure that the processing speed of this software is up to standards and is lightning fast. They have also tweeked their user-interface to make sure it is very user friendly and easy to understand, as well as send payments to distributors, etc..

Some of the companies that use this software are very well known like Sarah Coventry, Legacy For Life and Petlane. Obviously these companies wouldn’t be able to remain in business without using software that doesn’t work properly. The MLM Technology Corporation is bigger than I thought with about 20 people currently on their staff occupying various sales, administrative and technology positions. They have also been operating successfully for about 5 years.

Source by Brian Garvin