Testing is essential for business success. If you have been an internet professional for any length of time you probably already know that continual testing of ads, sales pages, and landing pages is crucial to continued success.

In the most common form of testing two ads are created. The first is the control copy and is published as is. The second is published with one element changed. This process can be long and laborious since only one element is tested at a time. The type of testing that I am describing here is call A/B or split testing.

Thank goodness that there is now a newer and faster way to test. Multivariate testing allows the internet professional to test as many elements of their sales page as they like …at the same time. Multivariate testing is much quicker than the antiquated split testing method. If you really want to optimize your sales materials quickly then a multivariate testing software package is a must have.

Before jumping off into the deep end and grabbing the first multivariate testing software that you see there is one thing that you should know. Software packages range in cost from free to several thousand dollars. Just remember the old adage “you get what you pay for.” Free or low cost might seem attractive but chances are that the software is quite limited in its functionality. Here are 5 points to consider when deciding on the proper multivariate testing software package.

1.) How easy is it to use?

You are purchasing a multivariate testing software package to save time. How much time are you saving if you have to spend a few weeks learning how to use it properly? I suggest that you stick to packages that offer windows based control panel. We all use windows every day and are very familiar with it.

2.) Installation woes

Some of these packages can be quite complicated to install if you are not well versed in database usage and scripting languages. When purchasing a multivariate testing software package try to find one that offers free or low cost installation.

3.) Speed

Multivariate testing software can cause your website to become very busy as it does its job. You want a package that is fast and does not slow the loading of your pages. My suggestion here is that you stick with one that uses PHP and mySQL. These packages tend to be very fast with minimal impact on load speed.

4.) Number of Variables

Lower end multivariate testing software is usually limited in the number of variables that you can test simultaneously. This gets back to getting what you pay for. To optimize your sales page as quickly and efficiently as possible you must be able to test many variables at once.

5.) Seamless integration

The multivariate testing software that you choose must be invisible to your customer. It must be capable of using cookies to ensure that should a customer leave without converting and return later they will be presented with the same sales page.

Multivariate testing software can save valuable time by conducting numerous tests all on the same page. There is no need to create multiple sales pages. Using this software is a very intelligent way to optimize your sales page continually and increase conversions. As an internet professional how can you go wrong with multivariate testing software?

Source by Tim J Robinson