Today, I am going to give you some useful information on how to find and evaluate which Network Marketing software would be best for your business and in the end I will reveal my top pick.

It is a great feeling find a great piece of software that can automate many parts of your Affiliate or Network Marketing Business allowing you to accomplish more in less time.

The fact is that in a conventional MLM or Affiliate Marketing Business there are a lot of time-consuming repetitive tasks that have to be done to run your business effectively. Having the correct software working for you makes life a whole lot easier. There are many great picks out there but you need to know these six tips to get the best and not end up wasting time and money…

The 6 have characteristics of the perfect network marketing software.

1) The Network Marketing software must be up to date/cutting edge. (BEWARE OF THE LEAD SELLERS)

There are systems that came out several years ago that have helped numerous people explode their organizations. However, a lot of of these systems developers failed to keep up with today’s changing market and therefore their systems have become outdated.

Many of these system owners make their money by selling leads to their customers. Any high-quality Network Marketing software would allow you to create your own leads on-demand making the need to buy leads unnecessary. THEREFORE BEWARE OF THE LEAD SELLERS.

2) The Network Marketing Software Must be Customizable & scalable.

Any high quality Network Marketing software will be scalable and will allow you to have unlimited custom specific funnels to use for marketing. With this feature if a new opportunity broke in the market you would have the ability to promptly put out custom funnels (lead capture pages, etc…) that are specifically made for that targeted group. Most systems do not have this flexibility.

3) The MLM Software Must have Ready2GO templates.

In addition to customizability and scalability, a good Network Marketing Software should have templates that are ready to go without delay. This is vital because as you engage brand new distributors you want them to be up and running quickly even before they fully learn how to use the system. Therefore, high converting templates are necessary to helping, your new reps earn while they learn.

4) The Network Marketing Software Must Be Self Branding.

Many Network Marketing Software systems tend not to endorse you(the distributor), but the system creator instead. You want to have a tool where you can promote yourself. This is essential for your prospects can warm up to you via virtual interaction (videos, audios, pictures, etc… before you ever meet with them.

5) The MLM Software Must Be SEO/PPC friendly.

Google Slap!!! Need I say anything else? Simply put if your capture pages are not SEO or PPC friendly, you’ll end up spending an inordinate amount of wasted time on SEO and a great deal of money on PPC.

6) The Network Marketing Software Must Allow You To Own Your list.

The list that you build is your most precious asset. So you want to have a service that will allow you to build your own database that you own and can profit from for years to come. Many systems build the software developers list and not your own.

My Top Pick:

Please be sure to do your own due diligence and research but for those of you that are strapped for time I can help you find one that you will be happy with. I have explored many of the available systems. Many are garbage but there are a handful of gems. the top 2 that I found were 1)a system developed by by 2 Big time Internet network marketers called MLM lead system Pro and 2) A system developed by a young 20something Internet network marketing millionaire called the Mastermind system.

Source by Kirschan A Blyden