Network marketing has flourished and thrived through traditional marketing methods centered around presentations, showcases, and parties. Within this framework of product promotion, prospects are motivated to buy by tapping into most, if not all of the five senses of sight, sound, touch, hearing, and smell. The more sensory inputs that a presenter is able to deliver, the more motivated the prospects become. Add to that the subtle, but powerful element of social proof, and the foundation for success is readily made. Social proof is established most effectively through testimonials, and illustrated very powerfully through visual demonstrations of cause and effect.

Selling multilevel marketing products on the Internet poses its own set of unique problems. To persuade a person to buy your products or join your sales team, you will need to build trust and confidence in your products and organization by tapping into the same five senses that a live presentation does so effectively. Fortunately, today’s Internet permits the novice to persuade his or her website visitors through the medium of multimedia promotion. Multimedia presentations can include still photos, slideshows, video, live streaming, audio files, and podcasts. All of these methods can be implemented with free resources that are widely available on the Internet.

It is often said that a picture says a thousand words. This is especially true for Internet marketing. The experience is enhanced even further through moving pictures. The easiest way to achieve this is with a slideshow. Many websites and blogs, including the free ones, have add-on applications that are commonly known as plug-ins. These plug-ins will generate instant slideshows from your photos. If you are comparing websites and blogs for MLM promotion, look for this feature. Another effective way to grab a visitor’s visual interest is through video. There are many video sharing sites on the web that will host your videos for free. You can create videos very easily with the use of a digital phone or camcorder. You can also create videos on a computer using video creation software. After you have created your video using the method of your choice and have uploaded it to the video sharing site, you can embed it into your website, blog, or email marketing campaigns. The more exposure your videos get, the more promotional benefits you reap for your efforts.

Live streaming is a powerful way to create an interactive, online visual presentation. The minimal requirements for this type of production are a digital camcorder or webcam, a computer, and a high-speed Internet connection. There are websites that will host your live video conference for free. You can make your conference either private or public, and your audience can even participate in the production. Compare different video conferencing sites for the benefits and features that best suit your needs.

Finally, you can reach out to your web visitors through live or pre-recorded sound. There is a plethora of free software that will allow you to convert an interview or audio presentation into a format that can be played on a website or downloaded to a client’s computer.

A rich, multimedia experience is an essential component in promoting Ardyss, or any MLM product or service on the Internet. With the many free tools available, any distributor can become more successful in multi-sensory persuasion.

Source by Tamara Timberland