You are probably tired of reading and hearing about why and how EHR technology is beneficial to your medical practice. It must be tiring to be repeatedly told that you must invest in an EHR solution.

But EHR technology really has more to give back than what you have to invest in it. And we are telling you this again. Only this time, be ready to be faced with the facts and numbers!

A Triad of Benefits

It is often said that EHR technology yields to improvement in efficiency, effectiveness, and earnings. By partnering with eligible providers, you surely can get all of these. Employing a reliable EHR solution lets you become more efficient. When you are efficient, your practice becomes more effective. And ultimately, more earnings can be expected. We can say that these facets are interrelated and interdependent.

But what exactly does enhanced efficiency, improved effectiveness, and increased earnings mean? And how exactly does EHR technology provided by eligible providers help you get these?

Enhanced Efficiency

Efficiency refers to the ability to carry out a task using the minimum amount of resources. Examples of these resources are material things such as supplies and equipment and intangible things such as time and energy.

By using an EHR solution, you no longer have to use paper, pens, cabinets, filers, etc. You also do not need to spend so much time and energy in encoding and looking for records. In other words, your efficiency is increased when using an EHR technology. But how so?

A recent study has proven that using an EHR system, a hospital can reduce repetition in diagnostic testing by 14.3 percent. Thus, for example, diagnostic tests cost you 50,000 a day, an EHR solution can save you up to 7,150. But that is just the savings from expenditures alone. Imagine how much energy, ideas, and time you can save.

Improved Effectiveness

With the help of eligible providers, you can also give more effective care to your patients. A system that follows proper guidelines has been found to help increase cases of vaccinations by 35-50 percent and thus providing better health care to patients. Similarly, keeping track of diseases through an EHR technology helps prevent the spread of diseases and outbreaks.

Moreover, errors in assessment and treatment can be greatly reduced using an EHR system. In a hospital setting, studies have proven than an EHR system can reduce the cases of medical errors by 50 percent as well. Imagine how much more lives you can save by simply automating your practice!

Increased Earnings

Now, a lot of medical practitioners are worried that investing in an EHR system may cause major harm in their finances. Many are often told that such is impossible to happen because automating your practice can lead to higher return of investment. But really, how high is this return of investment?

Eligible providers can receive incentives for adapting the technology that can amount to 44,000 to 63,750 depending on which program you apply an incentive for. Moreover, a reduction of 4.7 percent in payments for malpractice claims can also be expected when using an EHR system.

Multiple Wins for All

So perhaps now you can see that EHR technology is really something from which everyone in the medical practice can gain benefit. Not only that, patients and the general public can receive quality patient care and therefore have greater patient satisfaction. In the end, it is not just your business or your practice that you can enhance. It is ultimately the care that you share with your patients that matter.

Source by George Dougherty