#IoTMakers E052

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In this episode of the IoT for All podcast, Ken Corless and Robert Schmid of Deloitte share their expertise on cloud and edge computing, the benefits to using both in one solution and some recommendations for companies new to the IoT space. 

To start the episode, Ken and Robert each provide background on what their roles are at Deloitte. As Chief Technology Officer for the Deloitte Consulting Cloud Practice, Ken assists some of Deloitte’s biggest clients in leveraging emerging technologies, like IoT and AI, for business advantages. As Chief Futurist, Robert is one of the leaders of Deloitte’s IoT practice. His work primarily involves implementing IoT technology in the hospitality space. 

The duo gave additional context on Deloitte’s role in the IoT landscape, including where the company is most involved in the process of developing new solutions and a recent report on scaling IoT in the enterprise.

Moving into a more technical topic, Ken and Robert explain some of the complexities that go into implementing both cloud and edge computing in a single IoT solution, why it might be worthwhile and how, in the end, it all comes down to scalability.

Our guests share tips for companies looking to break into the IoT space, including what to do on your own and when to get a technology partner and key thoughts on scaling IoT solutions. Their biggest piece of advice: just get in there and try.

To close out the conversation, Ken and Robert share the IoT developments they’re looking forward to in 2020, including AI applications and the use of augmented reality in IoT solutions.

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About Deloitte: Deloitte Consulting’s Cloud Practice helps enterprises leverage cloud computing to realize the full potential of technologies, data, people, operations and markets to transform their business. Our Cloud Practice is in 150+ countries with 20,000+ cloud practitioners. We have 26 global delivery centers, 49 digital studios, and 10 cloud studios.

Key Questions and Topics From This Episode:

(4:14) Introduction to Ken Corless and Robert Schmid

(5:45) Introduction to Deloitte and the amount of involvement the company has in the IoT space.

(9:53) What are the most common reasons why companies get stuck in the proof of concept stage?

(14:25) Deloitte’s “Scaling IoT to Meet Enterprise Needs” report and its goals.

(16:19) What complexities are involved in bringing together cloud and edge computing in one solution?

(20:07) What are the benefits of utilizing both cloud and edge computing?

(24:28) How do you determine whether or not a solution requires edge computing?

(27:28) What can organizations do on their own and when should they bring in a technology partner?

(33:29) What recommendations do Ken and Robert have for companies looking to break into IoT?

(38:05) What are Ken and Robert looking forward to in the IoT space for the new year?

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