Search engine advertising and marketing sounds like a very complicated process especially when you start talking about the tools required. Here are 4 powerful free tools that you cannot miss.

Google Keyword Tool

Before you start most of your campaigns, you must select a list of keywords which are well searched for and highly relevant to your offers. This is a really good keyword tool and it can work for both paid search advertisers and organic search advertisers.

Google Website Optimizer

There are quite a few good split testing software available on the market today and many of them are not cheap. You will be surprised that this free tool beats all of them hands down. It is so simple to use that you can figure out in a few minutes. Free tutorials are also easily available.

Google Webmaster Tools

Would you like Google to give you suggestions on how you can improve your website, which keywords you are ranking for and what position they are at? This is it! It will do all that for you. This is another simple yet powerful tool and I like the fact that it is absolutely free of charge.

Google Analytics

Google bought over a company with web statistics services and gave us the full access for free. There is a lot more functions in this service than you can imagine. You can even look at your sales funnel, where your visitors are coming from and much more. Take time to check it out and you will find out more.

Source by Samuel Ng