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Stop Playing It by Ear

As I type this, we’re on the first week of 2019 and I imagine that all gyms around the world are probably as packed as they will be for the year. Unfortunately, many of us won’t last more than a few weeks and these gyms will empty out as quickly as they filled up. You see, most fitness information available either online or on print is catered towards a younger population that doesn’t know what chronic back pain feels like.

Therefore, most senior citizens have to “play it by ear” when it comes to exercise routines and, consequently, end up with unreasonable expectations and improper planning. This leads to loss of motivation and certain desertion.

This is why I brought it upon myself to write Senior Fitness. With this book, I hope to provide to you with workouts for any level of physical fitness. You will be able to gauge your physical ability with a physical test, follow tailored workout routines, and customize these workouts to your needs. So, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t held a dumbbell in decades or if you’re eating a Big Mac as you read this, you will find value in this book.  

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