Promoting software products always evolves with so many alternatives and guess works that consume much of your time and effort, however, there is one task which is considered the very first step in software marketing called: ‘Software Submission’.

If it is being used wisely, you can turn it into one of your most powerful and effective software marketing and promotion tools. This article will show you how you can get the most out of your products and at almost no efforts on your part, simply let your products work for you.

Submitting software products over the internet, means that you need to search for relevant (And preferably free…) download sites and directories that will accept your freeware or shareware and allow you to fill a form describing your product, company and of course enable you to upload your product’s installation file.

The benefits from submitting your products to as many download sites and directories as possible are important and valuable:

target=”_new” (1) You easily boost the exposure of your products to many new potential users who constantly search these download sites for solutions such as your products.

(2) Many new users that are now exposed to your site’s URLs are likely to visit your site, looking for more information, download or purchase your products.

(3) As many new URLs over the internet now ‘point’ your site, you earn free quality inbound links, which in other words mean that search engines entitle your site for a higher search engine page rankings.

(4) Well, you get the chance to earn new customers before your competitors do…

All in all, more exposure brings more downloads, more visitors and eventually more sales!

It all sounds very convincing and easy, however, very quickly you discover that there are dozens and hundreds of download sites and directories out there and getting listed on all of them with only one of your products may take weeks, not to mention how boring, mechanical and time consuming that task of form filling and submitting may be.

By now you probably asked yourself if there is some kind of a ‘shortcut’, a way to automatically submit your products to hundreds of downloads sites while saving your time and effort – fortunately the answer is YES. There aren’t many, but there are some professional automatic Software Submission solutions that can efficiently automate the entire process, enabling you to accurately submit as many products as you want to hundreds of free popular download sites worldwide.

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Source by Gill Lavi