Strategic Funding Program

  • Get APPROVED For A Home Loan!
  • Invest In Real Estate!
  • Get Up To $250,000 In Funding For Your Business


Tell us your goals

We then create a game plan

We get started!

We Have Solutions Regardless of Your Personal Credit

How It Works

Initial Consultation

During this stage, we simply identify your goals so that we’re then able to put together a unique game plan for you, specifically based on your unique goals.

Create A Game Plan

During this stage we put together a game plan for you based on your funding goals.

This will come in the form of a proposal, to where you can either accept or decline the offer, with no obligations whatsoever.

Get Started

Once you accept the proposal, it’s

Our team will immediately begin working on the tasks that were listed within your game plan.

You will either go right into funding, or into the Lender Compliance Program, depending on what your funding goals are and where your personal credit file is at the time.

If you go into the Lender Compliance Program, that means we either need to remove some bad credit items, add positive credit, or a combination of both, before we’re able to get you funded.

Either way, you will immediately go right into funding upon completion of the program.

You Enroll Into The Lender Compliance Program

We remove all bad credit items, and or add positive credit items, based on where you need to be in order to get funded.

Funding Process

During this stage, you’ve either just completed the Lender Compliance program, or was already eligible for funding, and now ready to begin the funding process.

You’re able to monitor the status of the funding process, via your online account, 24/7, throughout the entire process.

You are Funded!

You’ve finally reached your goal at this point!

To Qualify For Business Funding,
Your Credit File Must Have The

  • No Negative Items Currently Reporting
  • 40% or less credit utilization for any revolving account
  • At least 4 primary tradelines (not authorized users)
  • A revolving account with at least a $5,000 credit limit
  • Average age of accounts should be a minimum of 2 years
  • No more than 2 inquiries within the previous 6 months on any individual credit bureau

If your file does not yet meet the above requirements, you can simply enroll into the



Cost is 10 pts only on the funds that you receive

You only pay after you’ve received the funds



Get Pre-Approved for a Home Loan and go home shopping with confidence. Enjoy the excitement of finding your new home and leave the grunt work of securing financing to us.


If you’re refinancing, we can perform a comparative analysis report to determine if it makes sense to refinance, and if so, we can show you just how much you will be saving.

Our hassle-free process is super easy!

We also have a PROGRAM to address any personal credit issues, to ensure that you not only get approved, but also qualify for the absolute best rates available on the market today.


Investing in real estate is one of the most solid ways of generating wealth.

Because of this fact, lenders that lend in this particular industry base their lending decisions on the actual deal itself, rather than credit.

Regardless of your strategy, if you have a deal that needs funding, we most likely have a solution.

Partner With Us

With a wealth of experience as lending experts coupled with world-class lending partners, we provide strategic tailor-made solutions to our broker partner clients and together we are helping more and more people responsibly achieve their big dreams and goals.

As a broking partner with us, you will be joining an amazing family of talented professionals with a mission to offer intelligent financing solutions to complex commercial and personal real estate deals.

Most of our broker partnerships are anchored in our proven ability to access the right type of loans without the stress of you dealing with the traditional banks directly.


Q: How Much Funding Can I Get?

A: The amount of funding you’re able to qualify for is based on several factors, including your personal credit, the type of funding you accept, etc.
The best way to learn this is to Schedule a FREE Consultation and we can then discuss your funding goals and establish a game plan to accomplish your funding goals.

Q: Do You Guarantee Funding?

A: While we can’t necessarily guarantee funding, we are able to guarantee that you will never have to pay for any funding that you did not receive.

Q: How Much Does It Cost?

A: There are no upfront costs associated with the Strategic Funding Program. Once accepted into the program, we will immediately begin working on your behalf and only issue an invoice after services have been rendered. That means, you only pay after you’ve received the funds. The cost is 10 pts only on funds that you receive.

Q: How Does The Process Work?

A: Our process is simple. We take the time to learn exactly what your funding goals are, and then put together a unique game plan that will allow us to accomplish them.
Once we’ve established the game plan, we will then send it to you in the form of a proposal.
If your personal credit will require some work in order to accomplish your goal, we will include this as an action item in the game plan as well.
You will then have the choice of accepting or declining the offer. If you accept, we will immediately get started working on the tasks listed within the game plan.

Q: What Type Of Interest Rates Can I Get?

A: Interest rates will vary, based on product types, your debt to income ratio, the terms selected, and the strength of your personal credit file. If you have a very strong credit file and DTI, you will qualify for the best rates on the market.

Q: Does Your Company Also Issue Loans?

A: No, we do not issue loans. Our job is to learn your goal, look at your unique situation, and determine the best lenders to take your file, based on your unique circumstance, eliminating the guesswork.

Q: How Do You Protect My Personal Information?

A: We use 256-bit encryption technology, the exact same technology that the banks use, to protect your sensitive data.

Q: Can I Monitor The Status Of The Funding Process?

A: Yes, we provide you 100% total transparency of the entire process. You will be able to monitor the status of your file using any internet accessible device, 24/7.

Q: How Long Does It Take?

A: Business Funding can take 3-14 days to complete | Purchase/Refinance can take 3-4 weeks to complete | Investment Real Estate Purchase/Refinance can take 3-4 weeks to complete.

Q: What Do I Need To Get Started?

A: Just simply tell us your goal and submit your credit report. We will take it from there.

Q: What If I Do Not Qualify?

A: If you do not qualify due to personal credit reasons, we will recommend you to our world-class Lender Compliance Program. It’s solely designed to get you approved upon completion of the program.

Q: Do I Need To Have A Company?

A: No, you do not need to have a company set up to receive funding.

Q: What Can I Use The Funds For?

A: The funds can be used for any purpose that’s considered legal.

Q: Do You Have Any Business Type Restrictions?
A: As long as the business is legal, we do not have any business type restrictions.
Q: Can It Be A Start-up Business?
A: Absolutely. You do not even need a company to receive funding.
Q: Can You Also Help Me With Crowdfunding?
A: We absolutely can. We have solutionists considered to be some of the best in the nation, when it comes to crowdfunding.
Q: Can You Also Help Me With Marketing & Sales?
A: We absolutely can. We have some of the most innovative marketing and sales automation capabilities on the market today.

Still Have Questions?