Many businesses find that article marketing is an effective, and inexpensive, way to market their business online. But while in most cases article marketing means simply writing an article and posting it to an online directory, with just a small amount of additional effort, you can increase the effectiveness of your article marketing campaign, and get many more marketing opportunities out of each article.

1.Convert Your Article to Video

Though this may sound complicated, it’s actually quite easy. If you’ve ever used Powerpoint, or another slide-show type program like’s Impress, you already have most of the skills you need. To convert your article to video, create a background that either matches or compliments your company branding. Next, create a slide-show, using 1-2 sentences of your article on each slide. If you wish, you can also add royalty-free background music, or audio of the article being read, but it’s not necessary. Once your slide-show is complete, you can use free software available online to convert the presentation to a YouTube friendly format. Upload the video to your company’s YouTube channel, and use the Embed code provided by YouTube to post your video to your website, blog, or social networking profile.

Even a simple video will build backlinks to your business’ website, increasing it’s online popularity and positively impacting both ranking and traffic.

2.Blog Your Article

As a business marketing itself online, you should already have a blog and be posting to it regularly. One way to make this easier is to create a blog entry from each article that you write and post to the article directories.

There are a few different methods. Some people like to simply post the entire article as a blog post. Others prefer to post a summary that is about 1/2 the length of the original article, and link to the full length article, either on their website or the article directory.

3.Boost Your Article’s Social Status

Increase your article’s internet presence by republishing on social networking sites that are content-rich, like Squidoo, Hubpages, Gather etc. Unlike article directories, most of these social networking sites include gadgets or widgets that can add interactivity, video, and images to your content page. Many of these sites also have some form of revenue sharing, which can add up quickly, depending on your topic, and the level of social interest.

4. Brainstorm for Other Ideas

There are several other ways that you can use article content both on and offline. Take time to regularly brainstorm new ways to re-purpose your content to support your marketing efforts. Some additional ideas include using the content in email or physical newsletters, or publication in a local newsletter or related magazine.

Whether you write your own articles, or you outsource content generation to a writer or internet marketing service, you can increase the value you receive from those articles by using them in multiple ways.

Source by Aaron Howard