Image of a Miko 2 Robot, a Wynd Air Purifier, and a Helium Hotspot
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With the holidays approaching quickly, IoT For All’s staff tested out several products to highlight the best gifts for those interested in IoT. From smart locks to fleet asset trackers and everything in between, our top picks for the holiday season are below.

FORM Swim Goggles

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Launched this past August and developed in collaboration with Olympic athletes and coaches, the FORM Swim Goggles include a see-through augmented-reality display that delivers a swimmer’s performance metrics in real-time. Connected by Bluetooth® 4.2, the Form Goggles are perfect for everyone from professional to recreational/gym swimmers. The goggles utilize augmented reality to display various metrics including, but not limited to split time, interval time, distance per stroke, pace per 100 or 50, calories burned and heart rate.

As someone who swims at the gym, I can tell you that these goggles are easy to use and provide me with the ability to know my heart rate and distance swam as I zero in and focus on my workout. If you want to make other swimmers jealous, these are for you! View Website

Happy holidays from IoT For All! From smart locks to fleet asset trackers and everything in between, here’s a rundown of some of our favorite IoT-related gifts for the giving season. #IoTForAll #HolidayGiftGuide Click To Tweet

Wynd Halo + Home Purifier

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Available for pre-order, the Wynd Home – Smart Home Air Purifier is one of my favorite gifts this year. The purifier works with the Wynd Halo to detect what’s in the air and clean as needed. With the ability to clean 1,200 square feet in 30 minutes, the Wynd Home kills germs, removes allergens, mold, odors and air pollution. With cold and flu season rearing its ugly head, the Wynd is suitable for the home or office. Just download the app and connect your Halo and Purifier to WiFi to keep your staff and family free of germs while also saving money on energy costs! View Website

Helium Hotspot

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Helium and its founders (including Napster creator Shawn Fanning) are using their hotspot combined with blockchain and cryptocurrency to build a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Helium uses an open source, sub-GHz wireless protocol called LongFi that provides miles of range and optimized battery life for IoT sensor applications with low-bandwidth. Although it’s a daunting task to try and convince people to place Helium in their homes and businesses, it’s a bold task and one that, with the right momentum, could really take off. For those who are experts in IoT, Helium provides a developer site that allows you to rapidly build applications with advanced tools and documentation. View Website

Beddr Sleep

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I’ll admit that the thought of sticking a small square device to your forehead while you sleep is a bit odd, but the FDA approved Beddr health technology helps individuals achieve restful sleep with clinical-grade data and insights. No one likes going to partake in a sleep study connected to a bunch of wires and tossing and turning all night. This little device is capable of tracking breathing quality, whether or not you’ve stopped breathing, oxygen saturation, heart rate, sleeping position (and its impact on breathing), various sleeping trends and even alcohol consumption trends. We all know the critical importance of a good night’s rest. Why not take it one step further and invest in understanding what’s happening to your body at night so you can better take care of your health? View Website


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The Miko2 is the perfect gift for children. Miko is able to remember, collect and identify faces, objects and surroundings. The robot is also capable of initiating conversation, teaching millions of topics, concepts and lessons. Using its respective app, adults can update Miko with new content to teach children and own complete parental control of the device. The best part? Miko relates to its users by providing a personal at-home teacher that uses advanced facial and voice recognition technology along with AI algorithms to relate to a child’s emotions and personality. View Website


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The RoadwareZ is the ideal gift for any bicyclist, especially ones that live in large cities. The first LED IoT smart backpack and app for cyclists is committed to making roads safer through the innovative integration of technology and apparel. Users can map their ride on the app which triggers turn signaling, braking lights and in-motion riding lights. The addition of microphone connectivity makes it possible for bikers to speak commands and activate hands-free features. Not only is the backpack a potential lifesaver by it using motion sensors to alert pre-programmed contacts if an accident happens, but it’s also functional for holding your personal items. View Website

Momentum Eagle 1

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Momentum IoT provides simple, easy and cost-effective machine-to-machine telematics fleet tracking for SMBs with their Eagle 1. The sleek hardware is easy to connect to any car’s OBD diagnostic system. Running on LTE Cat-M, the Eagle 1 is a 100% cloud-managed device that also runs on Momentum’s cloud-based IoT management tools. The company provides an instant demo and will ship a device to anyone interested to partake in a trial evaluation before committing to purchase. View Website

Yale Assure Lever

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There’s no shortage of options when it comes to smart locks. However, the reason I love the Yale Assure Lever is a simple one: it’s one of the only smart locks that doesn’t require a deadbolt to install. The Assure Lever can be installed everywhere from garages to basements and interior rooms to front doors. The lock can be used as a standalone keypad or fully integrated into any smart home. View Website

Connect Sense Smart Outlet²

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The ConnectSense Smart Outlet² allows you to control and monitor power usage in your home or office. You can pair the outlet with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant to control lamps, fans or other appliances through voice control. The ConnectSense app is a hub where you can add and control each plug, outlet and device. Setup is quick and painless. I connected my outlets to a Google Home and am thrilled at the convenience and ease of use of the product, especially for anyone who may be an IoT novice. You’ll be controlling your Christmas lights through voice activation in no time! View Website

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