Web hosting companies in today's world have lots of clients on their servers and therefore it is quite expensive to execute the request of every customer. Thus there is a need for hosting automation software. This automation software is available on the control panel and with the help the user name and the password you can access the control panel and then doing the task. When you are choosing a web hosting automation software then you need to look out for some features for your own benefit.

When you are choosing the hosting automation software you should see whether every domain owner is given a unique access id so that they can access the control panel. This would enable the users to log in to the interface and can click on the required icon and do the tasks.

Also the automation software should allow the users to track the space of the server, check the bandwidth and the other resources. It should also help you manage the files on the server and install the scripts with a single click. The automation software should also provide an abstraction layer between the end user and the server and therefore it saves the time and the money of the web hosting company and also saves the staff from hard work.

The customer support of the hosting automation software should be good because it will then save the web hosting company from lots of problems. The web hosting automation software should also be easy to use and the interface should be such that all the tasks that are commonly used should be immediately available. There are a few free options available but not user friendly which is the reason they should not be used.

The web hosting automation software that you would use should have some additional skins and the users should be able to design various skins by themselves and also can manage them easily. By default if there is only one skin or theme available it may be hard for the customers to understand the same and get used to it.

Overall this script or the web based software's job is to make sure that the whole business is running perfectly and the whole check list is on schedule. There are no bugs in the client billing system and also if the clients are emailed on time when their domain name renewal period is due or when their hosting packages are going to expire.

Source by Amit Bhawani