You can buy just about anything you can think of online. If you’re looking for good marketing guides and products, there are millions to choose from. How do you get through the hype and find the best products to help you succeed with your business?

10. Know what you need. What problem are you looking to solve? Maybe you need more traffic to your website. Maybe you want to learn to write better. Know what you’re looking for before you look for a solution.

9. Know your budget. Want to send 100,000 visitors to your website every day? You’ll need to spend at least hundreds of dollars. Looking for free ways to drive traffic? An eBook can teach you how to do this for less than $50.

8. Be realistic. If a $10 dollar eBook claims it will send 100,000 people a day to your website, there’s going to be a catch.

7. Nothing is free. Many marketers will offer you free products. Some of them are actually really good, but they will try get you to buy something at some point. There’s nothing wrong with this though.

6. Paid products are better than free products. The saying “you get what you pay for” has a lot of truth to it.

5. Products that are in demand have value. If everyone is talking about and buying a product, chances are it has come value.

4. Beware of slickness. When a sales page sounds like a used car salesman, it may not be telling you the truth. Remember, someone trying to sell you a product is only going to talk about the upsides of the product.

3. Do your research. imreportcard is a great site to check out ratings of internet marketing products.

2. Don’t believe all testimonials. “Highschool dropout makes $3.2 Million in his first month in our business!” Even if things like this do happen from time to time in the marketing world, you’d have better odds playing the lottery.

1. Resist sheep-like tactics. Ever try to close a page and had a pop-up beg you to stay? Research says these things work, but to me they’re just plain unethical. If there’s no originality in the writing, chances are it’s not honest. Look for someone who tells it like it is, good and bad and has a voice of their own. People who sound like robots are just copying what they’re told works. They don’t care if their product is good or not.

It’s easy to get ripped off, but honest ethical marketing is out there. There are still great products to be found that will help you achieve all your goals. Hopefully you’re able to sort through the information overload and find the good stuff.

Source by Adam Briggs