Sales Force Automation is an important Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that helps you streamline the activities of your sales team so that you can enjoy unmitigated success in sales. The key activities that focuses on this Automation are:

* Lead management
* Opportunity Management
* Account Management
* Contact Management
* Activity Management
* Sales Analytics

The top advantages of Sales Force Automation are:

It saves time and money: Since you can take advantage of existing systems, you gain access to the automation software immediately. These systems are highly customizable and you can tweak them to reflect individual and personalized data. Because you are paying for a system that is shared by others, you do not have to shoulder the huge costs involved in developing the corporate and unique versions of Sales Force Automation.

Business development: Sales Force Automation is built to help businesses identify risks and eliminate wastes. It brings down the administrative load considerably. An added advantage is the contract management feature. This allows businesses to approve and renew contracts sooner. By providing tracking systems, you have better control over terms and conditions. In the end, this gives you more productive time to spend on business development activities.

Real time results: Sales Force Automation allows you to track the ROI on your campaigns by giving clear indications of lead conversion ratios in real time. So, you can have an accurate ides of where you are succeeding and duplicate this success factor over and over again. You also have the ability to capture leads from various sources like telemarketing campaigns, event registrations, direct mail events, enterprise applications etc.

Accurate information: The information is constantly updated to reflect real time results. Thus, the information that your team accesses is always current. This makes it easier to track leads more accurate. Also, the sales team does not have to waste their time looking for relevant information. Everything is available at the tip of their fingers.

Going mobile: These days, Sales Force Automation software is compatible with most mobile devices. So, anybody carrying a cell phone or a laptop can access important information from any corner of the world.

Easy to use: Top quality Sales Force Automation software has been written for busy professionals. As such, it is very easy to use and highly flexible. Another advantage is that users can customize the application down to the minutest details. More flexibility equals more power.

Source by Gardner Wilkinson