There was a time when most cell phone numbers were known only to the people who owned them and their friends and family. Somewhere along the line, survey takers, bill collectors, and people you never wanted to talk to got a hold of these numbers, and now it seems like you get as many irritating phone calls on your cell phone as you do legitimate calls. By trying the online TrapCall free trial on your cell phone, you will get to see what life is really like with a cell phone that you don’t mind answering.

If you have ever dreamed of being able to pick up the phone and be sure that who you are talking to is a welcome caller, then the TrapCall free trial is for you. Most of us get far too many sales calls and calls from collectors, and this one piece of software will put an end to that immediately.

Does It Work?

When you take advantage of the short-term TrapCall free trial that is only available online, you will get to try out this software for a limited period of time, and like most people do, you will soon find out how awesome it really is. Imagine being able to answer your phone and not have to worry that it is a collector or someone from your past who you would rather not talk to. This product really does work and will probably change your life for the better.

Can I Block Calls, Too?

The best part of this product is that you can block calls, but you should also not forget about the fact that it will let you see the blocked calls and private numbers that people are trying to hide behind. So if someone calls you from a number that doesn’t show, they will be blocked. They will not be able to leave you a voicemail, and your phone will never ring from that number again. For many people, this is like a dream come true!

Once you have installed the TrapCall free trial from the company’s website, just sit back and wait for the calls to start coming in. You will be able to evaluate each caller individually, and if you don’t like who they are or what they want, you simply block them. Not only will they not be able to call you again (they will just get a dead signal), but they can’t leave you voicemails, either, so you can never be accused of ignoring them!

Source by Alice J. Wicks