Most of the skills that are needed to do effective marketing on the Internet are very easy to grasp by Generation Y people who routinely "do" Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In fact, we have proven that it is not at all difficult for those who are Facebook-saavy to quickly perform many of the tasks needed to successfully market a small business on the Internet.

Such tasks as Keyword Research, web page development, email marketing, and Search Engine Optimization can quickly be learned using online resources! All the business owner has to do is to meet with the student periodically to let them know what is needed and to observe the results as they unfold.

By using such resources under close management, the business owner can have the best of all worlds – they can achieve custom results without paying a high cost. The student benefits by learning some new and very marketable skills along the way.

For almost every task that needs to be performed in marketing a business on the Internet, there are some software tools required. Thankfully, almost all of these are provided online by reputable sources and are provided free of charge! For example, when doing keyword research, there is a great tool from Google that allows you to harness some of Google's search and traffic experience and put it to your use – free of charge. Such software is not difficult to learn and each of the suppliers of the software usually provide video tutorials to demonstrate how to use the tools effectively.

There are a tremendous number of vendors on the Internet that hawk software products and programs that compete with the free tools. Most of these have some slight advantage over the free tools, but only for those who are so deep into the topic that these small features become important. For the majority of people, the free tolls work remarkably well. Besides, after fully learning and utilizing the free tools, your (your student) will become more knowledgeable on the subject and then be able to make a logical buy / no-buy decision on the "for Pay" products.

These vendors are profiting from the sale of their products and thus are able to dominate the bandwidth with their paid commercials and banner ads. At the same time, since the free tools generate no direct revenue, there are not many ads online for them. As a result, it would appear to the casual observer that the costly tools are so much better than the basic free tools that the free ones have little value. This is certainly not true!

There are several websites online that can be useful resources to a small business owner who wants to market his or her business, products and services on the Internet. Simply search on "free internet marketing training" on your search bar and you will likely find several sources that will be helpful.

Good luck in taking your small business to the next level using Internet marketing!

Source by Don Seibert