One of the benefits at the forefront of web based CRM software is its ability to automate your email marketing. Now, I’m not just talking about a simple auto responder that shoots people canned messages after they join your list. I’m talking about targeted, poignant messages delivered to the right people at the right time.

I’m talking about what I call motion sensor email marketing. I think the best way to describe what a web based CRM software email marketing system can do for you is to lay down an example.

Let’s say you’ve been building your list for a while and you have 2000 subscribers. Some of these subscribers may be interested in product X and some may be interested in product Y. But, you don’t know. So every time you send out a canned email about product X to people interested in product Y they deem it as irrelevant. Thus, you become irrelevant. It’s important that you target your messages and you keep your audience engaged with what they want. If you don’t they will leave your list or most likely just click the spam button.

So, the question becomes, how do you get Product X emails to Product X people and Product Y emails to Product Y people. Really, that’s what businesses is all about. Providing the right solution at the right time to the right person. That’s what web based CRM software email marketing will allow you to do.

The first goal when you have a big list is to start segmenting it down. Infusion web based CRM software allows you to start segmenting your list using what they call trackable links. So, you send out an email with pictures of two products. Product X and Product Y. If a client licks on Product X then Infusion will automatically tag them (segment) for you so now you know they are interested in Product X. This is all done automatically. They don’t have to enter their email address in or any information in, all they do is click the picture of Product X and boom they are tagged and your email segmentation begins. That is powerful!

Email marketing goes far beyond your first segmentation though. Once you know they like Product X you can send them 3 colors of Product X to choose from. If they click one of those now you know they are really interested and you can segment your list down further. And here we’re just talking marketing.

Think customer service for a moment. Someone calls into your business and you automatically send them a follow up email asking if you met their needs. In the email you can have 3 links EXCELLENT – GOOD – FAIR – all they need to do is click on the link and you automatically know get feedback! That’s some amazing stuff. If you want to look for an example, check out GoDaddy. They use a very similar tactic and they are wildly successful. On a side note Bob Parsons CEO of GoDaddy has some great insights on his video blog.

If you’re interested in trying out InfusionSoft – The system that allows you to do all of these amazing ninja like tactics just click below for the free trial.

Source by Robert N Patterson