Any internet marketer, who wants to be serious about internet marketing, will at one point have to invest some serious money into good software. However, if you’re just starting with Internet marketing, there is no need for you to go spend your hard earned money on a tool. There are free alternatives out there that will allow you to get similar results as a paid one.

So what are the best free keyword tool available out there?


What is better than getting results from the source itself? Google is one of the most popular and commonly used research tools, because it lists its results from the powerful search engine. And what’s good also is that not only will you get long tail phrases related to your search term but you will also get long tail phrases related to your search term.


I know there are a lot of marketers using wordtracker, the problem I find with the wordtracker free version, are that the results it generates, seems to be outdated and you can also only get about 30 words per query. But to its advantages, it remains free, so it is still a good tool to get additional results.

Yahoo search engine

The search engine is kind of a research tool itself, whenever you type in your search term in their search box, Yahoo will give you related results in line with your search term. Now you won’t get any other information such as the number of searches, however you want to use it, since you know that those keywords are coming from the Yahoo database.

If you’re just starting in Internet marketing, those free software tools should be enough to get you started, and once you earn a bit of money then it will be the time to invest in a more serious keyword tool.

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