It is a question that could be asked by many if not all Internet Marketers. The problem with the process of Search Engine Optimization is that it is very hit and miss. More often more miss than hit. The whole idea behind the process is signposting our sites so that visitors can actually find them.

Well there are several software solutions such as Brad Fallon’s Keyword Elite or Market Samurai which covers nearly all aspects of the process. Market Samurai starts with your main niche idea and allows you to research all aspects, such as the keywords, long tail versions, your likely competition and even lets you build advertisements for your site directly from Amazon and ClickBank. This is all done within the software. It also allows you to check on the competing sites and analyze their SEO so that you can assess whether it is beatable or not!

Market Samurai is a one shot deal in that you buy it and then get updates for life, this makes it very attractive and possibly one of the best buys for this reason alone. It also allows you to review sites and test to see which may allow you to legally acquire a back-link.

The biggest issue I see however is that Google does not, with some good reason, and some not, allow the use of bots in conjunction with their search engine. This regulation is further being enforced by governments for example through the FTC.

There is a better way that will not attract attention and that is neither gray nor black hat, this is to use manual methods. The problem for most people is the time that this takes and the repetitiveness of the process. However the problem can be approached in stages and there are some great tools available to us through private members clubs. One such Club is the Wealthy Affiliate University, which offers a whole range of tools to aid in the process of SEO and lessons in Internet Marketing in general. The big advantage of this club and others like them is that the members will all help each other and you can even get one on one coaching from the founders!

Recapping the use of SEO software may be attractive, but there are issues with this that may possibly lead to you being banned by Google or worse the FTC. So you should take care in all your SEO efforts especially where automation is a factor.

Source by Stephen Parkin