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Consumers of healthcare are conditioned to be uninformed and misguided.

Why? Well, the United States healthcare system — health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, specialists, and others — is assembled to keep you sick. They don’t want you to know this because it’s making them very rich.

In fact, we are the only developed nation in the world that allows the health industry to profit, maintaining incentives for providers to keep us sick. This status quo is kept alive by keeping Americans uninformed and exploited for profit. We have been conditioned to not know the inner workings of our healthcare system, and as a result, we are powerless from this abuse of power.

Yet, we can, and should, do something about it. As a form of public service to the uninformed health consumer, which studies show to be 90% of Americans, this powerful and one-of-a-kind exposé provides the data and facts from reputable sources to support these bold conclusions and urges readers to make their own. Then, Kat provides specific opportunities on how to take action in response to revolutionize American medicine.

So, what does the U.S healthcare system not want you to know? You are invited to become informed about what is being covered-up.

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Kat is an award-winning writer, educator, health advocate, and believer of healthcare as a human right. Her passion for public health has given her appointment by a former Illinois Governor on the State Health Improvement Planning and Healthy Illinois 2021 councils. She advocates for awareness, transparency, and a person's right to know.