Audio is not new to the Internet. Several marketers have been using it for years and have successfully proven that audio does increase sales. I have read that audio can increase your sales by as much as 300% and some report up to 426% increase in sales.

The reason why most of us haven’t utilized this advantage is because of the cost and complexity involved with creating the software. However, as with all new technologies, the price has dropped to the place where you and I can easily afford this tool.

I have successfully and easily added audio to my web sites and my online auctions by two methods. The easiest way is to utilize a service. You can actually do this with no equipment. The service allows you to record your voice by calling a phone number and they will record your message for you. At their site you can easily pick the style and color of the play, pause, and stop buttons that will appear on your website or auction. (Please note there is usually an additional fee for using their phone recording system.)

You can record yourself via your computer microphone. This method is free. You can also upload pre-recorded MP3 files. After picking your buttons, the service will generate the HTML code you upload to your web page. (If you don’t know how to do this, you can hire someone to perform this service for you. I would strongly recommend that you learn enough HTML so that you implement small changes to your website yourself.)

As you can see, this is a simple process. You will pay a monthly fee for this service and they will store the audio files on their servers.

The second method of adding audio to the Internet is by purchasing a software package that you install on your computer. (You just right click, download and install.) When you are ready to record your message, you open the software and record through your computer microphone. The software will record your voice, encode your message, give you options for the style and color of your buttons and provide the HTML for your web site.

Wait a minute! How is this different than the service you pay a monthly charge for? Your software will install the message on your hard drive which you will upload to your server. The audio service allows you to record and keep the audio message on their server. With both the audio service and the audio software you have to upload the HTML code for the buttons.

Basically, there is little difference. They both give you button options. They both provide HTML. The advantage of doing this yourself is that you have only a one time charge. The disadvantage is you are responsible for uploading and storing your audio file. The audio file will take a little extra server space. (Unless you are recording hours of audio, this should not be a problem.) The service has the advantage of storing your audio files for you and the disadvantage of a monthly charge.

I strongly encourage you to seriously consider increasing your sales through audio. Use a short audio clip to introduce yourself. Give a brief introduction to your product and maybe highlight a key benefit. Use this on your auction to differentiate yourself. The possibilities are endless!

Source by Linda Joseph